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NYC: Favorite Restaurants

Restaurants in NYC that I love and visit again and again

Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from opentable.com 6 years ago.
amazing Alsatian. get the tart flambe. eat at the bar room where you can share small plates.
Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from yelp.com 6 years ago.
try the watermelon and pork; and tea sandwiches


Breakfast & Brunch
in your Kart!
Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from nymag.com 6 years ago.
Small place, small menu, funky place where chef's eat
Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from KartMe 5 years ago.
great for tourists / groups of 5-7 -- it's easy to get a big round table with some space. friendly service. two standout dishes: greenmarket squash tortellini with cranberry & sage butter; and dark chocolate chip bread pudding with cherries
Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from thrillist.com 6 years ago.
reopened by Keith McNally. smells like a bar. it's only on this list beacuse the $25 Black Label Burger is sooo good. it's made with dry aged ribeye--which i'm sucker for. and the intentionally slightly stale bun doesn't get soggy. yum.
Shelby's picture

this place is like two doors down from me and I want to try it! let me know if you wanna go!

Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from newyork.citysearch.com 6 years ago.
good, moderately priced neighborhood italian. it's like a home to me--feels like i've been going here for 5+ years.
Phil's picture
Phil Kart'd from thrillist.com 5 years ago.
interesting vietnamese. easy to wait at the milk bar next door, which has great pork buns and pies.