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Thanks for the suggestion! I'm wondering whether it's really ever worth seeking a sub $500K investment from USV now. Here was their mix as of 2006 - 20% were seed deals: http://www.unionsquareventures.com/2006/10/deal-si...

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jingjin wrote:

Great list, Phil! Also adding Union Square Ventures

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Seed Funds in NYC

These funds in NYC are willing to make investments from $250,000 to $500,000 (and sometimes more or less). They have dedicated capital. They have resources to review deals. To be added or removed from this list, email phil {at} kartme {dot} com.

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Phil Kart'd from ffventure.com 3 years ago.
John Frankel, David Teten, and Michael Yavonditte have made over 100 investments across advertising, gaming, mobile, location, social, and more.
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Phil Kart'd from dogpatchlabs.com 5 years ago.
Started by Polaris, this incubator is mostly consumer focused.
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Phil Kart'd from firstround.com 5 years ago.
Very active early stage investment fund. Charlie O'Donnel provides their connection to NYC.
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Phil Kart'd from appfund.com 5 years ago.
This fund from Kevin Wendle (Co-Founder of CNET and E! Online) and Daniel Klaus (Co-founder of Music Nation) is focused on seeding iPad and iPhone applications.
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Phil Kart'd from foundercollective.com 5 years ago.
A handful of successful entrepreneurs including invested in this wide-ranging seed fund. David Frankel and Eric Paley manage the day to day.
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Phil Kart'd from informationarbitrage.com 5 years ago.
Roger Ehrenberg's fund focused on data sets and data analysis. Ben Siscovick is lead associate.
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Phil Kart'd from bvp.com 5 years ago.
This broad ranging VC firm (eCommerce, SaaS, social, FinTech, etc.) in Larchmont, NY is rumored to have stealthily done a handful of seed deals in NYC. A warm referral from BVP alum Chris Dixon helps here...and everywhere else in NYC.
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Phil Kart'd from zelkovavc.com 5 years ago.
Portfolio includes B2B and B2C. Appears interested in mobile. Recently invested in Plancast.
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Phil Kart'd from startatspark.com 5 years ago.
Focus on mobile and digital media, Spark has a seed program making $250K investments. Can anyone point to seeded companies?
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Phil Kart'd from mediamemo.allthingsd.com 5 years ago.
A father-son Huffington Post-Thrillist duo invest in digital media. Jordan Cooper is also involved.